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The Ultimate Residential & Commercial PEX pipe connection System

patented by Sagiv | Designed for Radiant Heating & Cooling, Plumbing and Fire Safety applications | Lead-Free Brass fittings | NSF Certified

Innovative PEX pipe connection system for all PEX & PE-RT pipe types that is reliable, easy to use, and allows for leakage-free installation. The UltraSlide™ eliminates the need for O-Ring, and uses a patented sealing technology based on the penetration of the fitting tooth into the pipe surface, and an extremely strong sleeve that functions as a spring, keeping the connection area tidy and ‘Dry-Forever’.


  • Designed for Residential & Commercial Plumbing, Radiant Heating & Cooling and Fire Safety applications
  • USA patent No. US 8191226
  • NSF certified for the USA & Canada
  • Forged Lead-free brass fittings, a technology that ensures a lifetime of strength and durability
  • Used with all PE-based pipes (PEX, PE-RT, PEX-Aluminum-PEX, etc.)
  • Single-step manual & hydraulic tools for ½”- 1” pipes
  • Self-Align technology ensuring uniform stretching of the pipe
  • O-Ring free technology allowing thinner fittings



  • Easy to use – No need for calibration & pre-expansion of the pipe edges
  • Saves time on installation – A single tool is used for ½”-1” pipes
  • Dry Forever – The O-Ring is replaced by built-in lateral protection
  • Increased flow capacity – The O-Ring free technology allows for significantly thinner fittings
  • Best solution for PEX & PE-RT pipes

UltraSlide CutUpTHE UltraSlide™ PEX Pipe Connection System in Operation:
System in Operation
THE UltraSlide™ PEX System Includes:

High quality Lead-Free Fittings & PEX Sleeves
System Includes 1

Innovative single-step manual and hydraulic* operation tools
System Includes 2

* Under Development

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