Motorized Ball Valve

2-way quarter turn motorized ball valve actuator, with a rapid (5 Secs) response



High quality motorized ball valve and electric actuator, for control of flow regulation of liquids and different gases under pressure, suitable for industrial, agricultural and construction systems.


  • Speedy five seconds open/close operation
  • Power supply: 12V/24V AC/DC – preset in factory
  • Waterproof
  • No emergency mechanism. In case of power failure the valve stays in its last position.

Working temperatures:

  • Working temp. 100°C
  • Short term temp. 140°C
  • 90° revolution between open and closed positions
  • Optional auxiliary output to indicate fully opened valve position
  • Single switch operation

Configuration: Please select the desired valve diameter, electric voltage and current type.

  • Valve sizes: ½”, ¾”, 1″
  • Power inlet options: 12V DC, 12V AC, 24V DC, 24V AC
  • Normally Open (N.O.) / Normally Closed (N.C.)
  • Optional LED indication for fully open valve position

Applications of the motorized ball valve:

  • Temperature control in heating/cooling systems
  • Liquids release in high pressure systems
  • Flow control in agricultural and industrial water systems
  • Fuel systems to control burners
  • Gas flow regulation
  • Steam systems (low temperature), laundries, kitchens etc…


  • Speedy open/close operation
  • Easy installation
  • Reliable
  • Heavy duty

Rapid Actuators

Available actuator types:

CAT. NO. Voltage Current Position Indicator
1ENA00012 12V AC N/C NO
1ENAO0012 12V AC N/O NO
1END00012 12V DC N/C NO
1ENDO0012 12V DC N/O NO
1ENA00024 24V AC N/C NO
1ENAO0024 24V AC N/O NO
1END00024 24V DC N/C NO
1ENDO0024 24V DC N/O NO
1ENA0L024 24V AC N/C YES
1END0L024 24V DC N/C YES

Available valves types:

CAT. NO. Size H mm L mm SW HEX
1N2008013 1/2″ F-F 114.5 62.5 25
1N2012013 3/4″ F-F 118.0 72.5 32
1N2016013 1″ F-F 121.5 84.0 38
1A2008013 1/2″ M-F 114.5 57.5 25
1A2012013 3/4″ M-F 118.0 70.0 32
1A2016013 1″ M-F 121.5 79.5 38

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