Brass OEM – Brass Subcontracting

Sagiv O.D.M. – Your Original Design Manufacturer

From concept to finished product in one smooth flow
Need >> Concept >> Design > > Development > > Manufacturing
Sagiv offers you brass hot forging and precision machining services, all under the same roof. A unique blend of skills, technologies and three decades of experience lead to superior results at every step of the process: design, development, production and assembly of complex brass components.

Many customers locally and abroad benefit from our ability to combine several technologies and thereby provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for brass manufacturing solutions. We assign a team leader – an experienced engineer – who guides all aspects of the project, from defining the work parameters to final quality inspection. Our engineers have a reputation for keeping in close contact with the customer’s design and engineering team, to ensure maximum coordination and efficiency. We also stress innovation and openness, so that unique solutions can be quickly found.

Sagiv’s technical advantages are reflected in these typical products and projects:

  • Using brass in the technology of hot forging, precision machining and assembly
  • Production runs ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands of products
  • High demands from products that are technologically complex
  • Compliance with the most stringent quality and quality control regulations
  • Flow channels ranging from 1/8 to 2”
  • Precision machining that masters the technologies of transfer, multiflex, CNC for more complex parts
  • Close teamwork with customers to satisfy their needs for ‘just-in-time’ supply/li>
  • Use of a range of different materials and technologies
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