SY – 3 Way Ball Valve with Common Port

Three Way Valve

SY Drawing

The SY three-way ball valves are the professional’s choice for hydraulic flow control. The valves are constructed with a common port at the base of the valve body. Any of the three peripheral ports can be connected to the common port – the other ports are totally sealed. SY is designed for three hydraulic control positions: Open, Closed, and Automatic.


  • Passage size: SY3: 3.2 mm (1/8″), SY6: 6.0 mm (1/4″)
  • P.T.F.E. seals
  • BSP or NPT threads
  • Ball valve principle


  • Using SY, the hydraulic valve can be manually opened/closed in case of operational fault
  • Only one moving part
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy viewing of the operating position
  • All valves are sealed when in a ‘between port’ position
  • Special large bore valve for controlling extra-large hydraulic valves (SY6)
  • High quality Teflon seals and Chrome-Nickel plated balls, resistant to all types of irrigation water


  • Automatic and computerized irrigation systems for agriculture and landscape gardening
  • Filtering, industrial, domestic water supply and fire fighting systems

Typical Use:

  • Integration within remote control systems while retaining manual open/close functions to all sizes of hydraulic valves (SY3/SY6)
  • Checking for filter input and output pressures (liquid and gas) using a single pressure gauge immediately indicates dirt levels inside filter (SY3)
Cat. No. BSP Cat. No. NPT Model Inlet Open Close Remote Qty/Box
1Y3A02000 ————— SY-3 1/8″ M 1/8″ F 1/8″ F 1/8″ F 50
1Y3A04000 1Y3A04100 SY-3 1/4″ M 1/8″ F 1/8″ F 1/8″ F 50
1Y3N040A4 ————— SY-3 1/4″ F 1/8″ F 1/8″ F 1/4″ M 50
1Y6N04000 ————— SY-6 1/4″ F 1/4″ F 1/4″ F 1/4″ F 25
1Y6A04000 1Y6A04100 SY-6 1/4″ M 1/4″ F 1/4″ F 1/4″ F 25

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