Gas Safety Ball Valve

Gas Safety Valve




  • Manually operated gas safety valve assembly with lockable handle, designed to prevent accidental opening of the gas line by children.
  • Thermal protection fuse that automatically shuts-off the gas flow when the valve is exposed to high temperature, e.g. in case of fire. Once activated, the thermal fuse cannot be open again.
  • Excess flow valve assembly with automatic reset function, that provides quick shut-off of the gas flow in the case of accidental increase in gas flow rate e.g. when a gas pipe is disconnected or broken.
  • Once closed, the excess flow valve remains closed until the pipe system is repaired and pressure on both sides of the valve is equalized.


  • Body – Brass with Nickel Plating
  • Ball – Brass with Chrome Plating
  • Thermal assembly valve – Brass
  • Fusible material – Bismuth 96
  • Excess flow valve – NBR Rubber
  • Thermal assembly spring – Stainless Steel
  • Excess flow assembly spring – Stainless Steel
  • Ball valve handle – Reinforced Nylon
  • Gaskets – Teflon and NBR Rubber

Technical data:

  • Inlet – 3/8″ O.D. Copper Pipe Flare
  • Outlet – 3/8″ I.D. Rubber Tube
  • Temperature of thermal fuse activation – 96°C
  • Closing flow rate – 0.9 kg LPG/h
  • Maximal flow rate after closing (bypass flow) – 5 l/h
  • Operating pressure – 30 mb
  • Maximal pressure drop – 5 mbar
CAT. NO. Size Qty/Box
1GS006000 3/8″ – Straight 40
1GSR06000 3/8″ – Right Angle 25
1GSL06000 3/8″ – Left Angle 25

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