Yellow Line - Quality valves for LP Gas (Liquified Petroleum Gas) systems
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Since 1971 Sagiv has been providing quality flow-control accessories and sub-units to companies around the globe.

The Sagiv offering is threefold: Sagiv Standard Products, Sagiv Contract Manufacturer (CM) Services, and Sagiv Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) Services.

Sagiv is a technology leader in the field of hot brass forging and precision machining technology – both conveniently located under one roof.

Sagiv has always believed in an uncompromising approach towards Quality Control governed by full compliance to ISO 9000 : 2008.

"Partnering for Flow Control” is the heart of Sagiv’s ODM services. At Sagiv we truly believe that the contribution we can make for our customers results in win-win flow-control solutions.
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