Sagiv’s novel ThermoWise valve gives you maximum savings in your combined solar and gas water heating system


Sagiv ThermoWise is an innovative thermostatic diverting valve that maximizes the energy savings and minimizes the energy cost, in a combined water heating system, typically for a Solar system that is backed-up by a Gas water heater.

When such a combined system is used Sagiv ThermoWise controls the Solar system hot water outlets as follow: When the temperature is hot enough (pre-defined) the flow is diverted to the home hot water piping system. However, when the temperature drops below the pre-defined temperature, the flow is diverted to the Gas heater.

In such automatic control, the Solar energy use is maximized and the Gas heater is only used when necessary.


  • Minimizes energy cost for water heating purposes
  • Green product – Saves energy
  • Protects the hot water pipe system from cracks, scale, swelling and corrosion
  • Perfect for Solar heating systems that are backed-up by a Gas heaters
  • Can be easily fitted to existing and new plumbing systems


  • Special mechanism that ensures no spikes in the home water temperature, at the moment of diversion from one system to another
  • No pressure loss even when multiple taps are open
  • Large area filters that prevents form clogs as of dirt, scale and fur
  • Extremely accurate temperature control mechanism – no temperature spikes
  • Meets multiple international standards
  • The temperature can be pre-defined to any required temperature

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