Thermostatic mixing valve for restricting water temperature


Sagiv ThermoGard is a thermostatic mixing valve that restricts the home hot water temperature to a safe temperature, in order to prevent skin burns and scalds as well as protecting the piping system from the hot water temperature – that might reach up to 95°C (200°F) at summer.
Sagiv ThermoGard is fitted between water heaters outlet and the home hot water piping system.


  • Prevents hot water burns, mainly with children and elderly people
  • Green product – Saves energy and water
  • Protects the hot water pipe system from cracks, scale, swelling and corrosion
  • Perfect for solar heating systems where temperatures can reach 95°C (200°F)
  • Can be easily fitted to existing and new plumbing systems


  • No pressure loss even when multiple taps are open
  • Large area filters that prevents form clogs as of dirt, scale and fur
  • Extremely accurate temperature control mechanism – no temperature spikes
  • Meets multiple international standards
  • The temperature can be pre-defined to any required temperature

Water temperature vs. skin exposure: 3rd degree burn (repaired only through surgery).

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